The Hunteress

Site The Hunteress
Location Leeds, UK
Created 2015-11-25

My style of domination varies wildly, it all depends on my mood and who is knelt in front of me. I can be the cruel sadistic bitch or the most wildly teasing sensual siren. How you approach me will determine how I treat you, so you will do well to remember that. Standing at almost 5ft 10 in my stockinged size 7 feet, I have a captivating aura, I am indeed the real deal, tall, athletic, and intelligent. Domination is not simply a hat that I put on and become somebody else for an hour; it is my lifestyle and one I enjoy living to the fullest.

When selecting people to serve me I always choose quality over quantity, so your initial contact is the most important one. Do your utmost to impress me, be polite, construct a well balanced, articulate application, and you will stand a good chance of meeting me. I welcome applications to serve, from the most experienced right to the novice.