Mistress Luci

Site Mistress Luci
Location Manchester, UK
Twitter @missluciwhite
Updated 2016-08-24

Mistress Luci white is a young strict seductive and sensual dominatrix from south Manchester. Do not let her sweet innocent look deceive you, she is extremely mischievous and very dominant. She have a fully equipped dungeon with every imaginable restrict and nightmare like toy all waiting for those that like to please and be punished. She also loves to receive body worship from a fortunate few who are especially pleasing to her. She also enjoys Adult Baby play for all those nappy wearers.

She loves to switch but only within certain limits that are discussed prior to the session, totally at her discretion and subject to you being a balanced individual.

The path of BDSM is a long one, with everyone at different stages. For those new Mistress Luci loves to tease the novice and for those with more experience she will push you. All limits will be respected at all times.