Mistress Bettie von Sade

Site Mistress Bettie von Sade
Location London, UK
Twitter bettievonsade
Created 2016-08-23

As a natural Dominant, I've been aware of the power I possess over men for a while. Female domination is an enormous natural passion of Mine, and I love being part of scenarios reminiscent of Surrealist art? It is such an incredibly liberating feeling!

I aim to establish a unique connection with everyone who chooses to submit to Me, and let this develop over time. My goal is to make both of us achieve a wonderful state of catharsis where we can truly feel like ourselves, and feel free. I'm also a firm believer in the therapeutic potential of BDSM play.

I like to use elements of mindfulness and other meditation techniques to help My slaves and submissives enter a heightened state of awareness and experience subspace at its most powerful. Some might even want to describe this feeling as spiritual, although I'm not particularly fond of this label.

My voice is as soothing as it is strict, combined with a very sensual but sadistic personality. My Dominant nature is complemented by My 5ft 9ins height and slim but curvy figure. My long legs, porcelain skin and raven black waves give Me a striking look.

I session at My own play space in Dollis Hill, North West London, as well as in a dungeon setting near Russell Square. Sessions at the many professional dungeons all over London may also be arranged.