Site Marlen
Location Berlin, Germany
Created 2016-09-03

I am Marlen. I am an erotic artist, 1.83, blond, slim, trained dancer and performer. My passion lies with playing with opposites: in my erotic massage rituals I play with tenderness and authority, pain and lust, power and powerlessness, dominance and surrender. In an experience filled with my absolute attention, my physical intimacy, mental presence and authentic authority, I can take you with me in a world where there is no alternative to your full surrender. I love my work because I always bring my own sexual energy in it. You can feel every fiber of my passionate body when I play with you. I decide according to my own lust, how far you are allowed to touch me. Erotic wrestling and overpowering games are also two of my favorites.

Shibari/Kinbaku, the erotic bondage art is also very close to my heart. Whether on the floor, suspended, completely or even partially tied up ? I love to steal your freedom and turn you into a lively object. At the same time I can be tender and erotic, assertive and vicious, meditative and sensual, or wild and seductive.