Mistress Haven

Site Mistress Haven
Location Portsmouth, UK
Updated 2017-04-05

I have been in the KINK industry for several years and have served as a Submissive Sissy for a while too.

Having served as a submissive I think it gives me a unique ability to realise what the Sissy wants and what pushes their buttons. I take no prisoners, and although I am very friendly in Person. Don't let that fool you as I will have you crumbling to your knees in 3 seconds flat.

I am 5ft 9 and have a lovely curved hourglass figure. I have bright blue eyes, which all of my subs seem to be mesmerised by when they stare into them.

You will address me as Mistress Haven at all times and you will kneel and kiss my hand when you greet me.

I am very accommodating to people from all walks of life, whether you’re Brand New to the Scene and want to serve at the Manor or you are a very experienced Sissy. You will all kneel before me and you will all leave the Manor with a Smile on your Face!