Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Site Contessa Zoe Aspasia
Location Toronto, Canada
Twitter contessa_zoe
Created 2017-04-16

I?m a Canadian Hedonist based in Toronto with a with a love of kink, filth, excess, and offgrid living + travel. I?m an artiste, some would say "gonzo": I like it weird, layered, costumed, hypersensory, dehumanized or surreal, love to pervert everything around me. I create hyper/multi sensory, memorable experiences in the city then set out to capture more of my own. Dominatrix, retired Session Wrestler (with still deadly legs), Experience facilitator, Costumed adventurer. I offer Pro Domination scenes, Outings, Company, Distance Training, Snail mail treats, writings/ erotica, love food porn "sidequests", hot shoes and so much more. I'm an experience collector Myself: bodyhacking, brainhacking, meditation, ritual pain. Serve Me, find your present out of this world with your body humming and alive below you.