Mistress Kat

Site Mistress Kat
Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Updated 2017-05-01

A Goddess Pro-Domme, A Lifestyle Domme and Professional Dominatrix. She is purely dominant and never one to switch nor submit for the sake of tribute.

If you are seeking a truly dominant experience under the guidance and control of an intuitive, authentic and genuine domme who is feminine, sexy, stylish yet strict and occasionally playful with the right company, then look no further.

Being a professional I invite you to communicate your interests, experiences and limits prior to session, but always address Me as Mistress or Goddess and never attempt to ask for something which is out of the realm of “Respectful Submission”.

I partake in almost everything Femdom and BDSM, and have few limits and these limits are generally surrounding anything intimate, scat or blood related.