Mistress Kali

Site Mistress Kali
Location London, UK
Twitter kalidomina
Created 2017-05-01

My sessions are far from what you have ever experienced before.

I am a sensual, ruthless, mysterious and experienced Dominatrix born and bred in London. I will have you under my thumb in seconds. I will dominate you on all levels; energetically, physically, intellectually, creatively and of course through my wicked sense of humour. Pleasure is my paradise. Our sessions will go as far as you are comfortable with: we can outline your desires from the outset, or you can let me push you as far as I want to take you. I am natural, playful, sensual, even tender when necessary- some say I am psychic. I enjoy getting to know my subs; what makes you tick and why- I am also cruel, sadistic and unforgiving.

I have been a Dominatrix for 9 years (since I was 21), and have sessioned with subs in London, New York, Athens, Berlin, Dubai and Paris. I am happy to travel anywhere in the world to sort you out!