Mistress Vita

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Location LA, California, USA
Twitter ladommevita
Created 2017-05-04

I am a Los Angeles Dominatrix who specializes in domestic style sessions. I don't play in a proper dungeon, but rather in a private residence. I am calling all maids, pets, foot stools, trashcans, toilets and pay piggies who are looking for a way to make a Dominant Female?s life easier. Imagine coming to the home of a Dominant Woman, and caring for Her every need. Pedicures, baths, dinner at home, breakfast in bed. you will make My life a better one, as I mold you into a better, more perfect slave. you will be happier in servitude to a Los Angeles Dominatrix of My caliber. you will clean for Me ? make My house spotless. When I entertain Myself with other men, you will be tied up in the closet, quiet as a mouse. If not I will cruelly punish you. When I do condescend to playing with you, you will serve Me personally as My ass and foot stool. you will massage My feet after a hard day of wearing heels. you will writhe in pain as I torture you physically and mentally, busting your balls while I queen on your face, and drain your bank account into Mine. Think of the possibilities