Miss Crimson Rush

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Location Austin, Texas, USA
Updated 2017-07-12

I am Miss Crimson Rush! I have been a professional Dominatrix since 2010, originating from Los Angeles, California. I am 5'1, 110 lbs, but don't let My size deceive you! And for you foot lovers, I am a size 6. I will have you weak to your knees in My Goddess like presence, for I am like a siren, My beauty and voice are irresistible. you will be begging for ways to be a part of My world!

For as long as I have been a part of the fetish scene, I have always been fascinated by power exchange. The beauty of connection when trust is shared. My goal as a Mistress is for a bottom to consensually release absolute control into My hands in trust that they will be taken care of while being able to openly communicate without judgement. When two can reach this, it is the closest feeling to perfection. In many experiences, it has felt spiritual in the sense that I have been and have taken subs to other planes. I am a strong believer in constantly searching for growth and balance. In order to grow, one must break through their comfort zone to become the best person you can be in order to find peace within yourself. If you believe in yourself, nothing will stop you.