Goddess Serena

Site Goddess Serena
Location Bedfordshire, UK
Twitter gynarchygoddess
Created 2018-03-08

Sophisticated and glamorous with a style that demands subservience, do not allow my good looks to fool you, my intelligence and wit will infect your mind and keep you on tenterhooks. My crushing confidence and militant precision will keep you firmly in your place - under my heels.

I stand elegantly at 5ft 11ins (180cm) in my bare stocking feet, and at 6ft 6ins in my tallest heels. I have a slim, curvy size 10 figure with a full 32F bust. My sized 7 perfectly manicured feet are always ready to trample over your lowly being. You will be proud to serve your Goddess.

I am an extremely sharp-tongued individual with a devastating vocabulary and a mind full of ideas. I demand respect for my superior intellect and culture.

You will always be ten steps behind me. I am a well-spoken and eloquent Goddess - do not be fooled by my calm and collected persona, my cruel intentions always lie beyond my sometimes unnerving subtlety. Although I am good-humoured, I am the true iron fist beneath the leather glove.

My realm is like no other - when you surrender to me, I will take your mind, body and soul as trinkets and toy with them in my own inimitable style. I expect obeisance as a prerequisite. The more you submit, the more rewarding your journey will be. You cannot fall whilst on your knees.

Truly elite and individual, there is no other Mistress like me. I pride myself on my privacy and authenticity. I enjoy my privacy and believe that a true dominant need not exacerbate themselves with mass-media in order to prove themselves to be distinguished. One does not keep a diamond amongst the rough. Excellence need not compete with the unexceptional. ?

This is my way of life. I live and I breathe this lifestyle. My ever growing stable of willing subservients are testament to those whom deign themselves lucky to have found their true Goddess, and one who is teaching them the new world order of Gynarchy.