Mistress Euryale

Site Mistress Euryale
Location Hong Kong, China
Twitter ms_euryale
Created 2018-08-14

Looking young and virginal, graceful and delicate, I?m nevertheless gifted with a natural sadism coupled with a gynarchistic view of existence.

I see my domination as a practice at the border of art, in a spontaneous and creative perspective. Whether you are submissive and / or masochist, I know the art of controling and playing with your deepest desires.

I explore with you your limits, either in servitude, humiliation, endurance to pain or pleasure. I know how to determine your inclinations and most secret drives and can exploit them to the very end. I can gently cheer you up or push you to the limit. I can thrive from the suffering I?ll see in your eyes or enjoy a mere ounce of desire on your face.

Beyond this, my gynarchistic vision extend far beyond the simple word, gynarchy, which you brag about without understanding it ? really. Domination as I practice it is a game I?m deligthing in and Mistress is a title I?m found of ? but there are no mistresses, goddesses or ladies : there are only women, naturally superior to you.

I am sometimes asked for my research: what kind of submissive I particularly appreciate. I do not have an accurate answer, but I can say that I like intelligence and curiosity.

I consider that your intelligence and your natural curiosity will be expressed in our sessions and in our relationship and will impregnate your attitude and your vision of the bdsm, for my personal pleasure.

Devotion to me is self-evident.