road ahead

The road ahead

March 3, 2017 Sin 0

The road ahead is an interesting one. April 1st in the UK is when the entire landscape of adult entertainment is set to change thanks […]



March 3, 2017 Sin 0

When is a collaboration a good one? I’ve been in this game for a long time with many people coming to me with ideas wanting […]

man painting

I don’t Photoshop

March 2, 2017 Sin 0

Like most people I have played with graphics software to make banners and mask heads to save money with varying success. The first graphics application […]

Magnify glass

Traffic Trends

March 2, 2017 Sin 0

Everyone always wants to know how to get more visitors (aka traffic) to their web site. In today’s world of online trading getting to number […]



January 12, 2017 Sin 0

Operating a small business is hard – you have to do everything and become an expert in all things. As a sole trader with no […]

loose coins

Bitcoin – My thoughts

January 9, 2017 Sin 0

A while ago a friend suggested I looked into the use of Bitcoin in the adult industry and what possible future applications there could be […]

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