Princess Kaz B

1. Princess Kaz B, Tell me a little about yourself

I reside in leafy Berkshire but I’m from Wiltshire originally. In school I excelled in English, French and history. I was a bit of a nerd at school and always had my head glued into a book. I just found the worlds contained within the pages were so much more exciting that what was going on around me. My school days were pretty awful and so escaping into a good book was my form of self medication. I later studied Media Writing at university and was involved with many projects, from helping run dance music nights, presenting on the radio and being involved in creative writing groups. Life was a constant whirlwind and it was probably the best times of my life.

Personality wise, I am generally very calm, good in a crisis and like to think of solutions to problems. Part of me has never grown up and I still love to be silly and have fun. Fetish work is perfect for this as you need to think on your feet and have a fun element to your personality.

2. What did you do before you became a professional Dominatrix?

After I left university I had a long, hard slog of writing letters and sending C.V.’s to various media companies, although I mostly pestered the BBC. I still love their programme making and have a lot of admiration for them. In the build up to this, I took various jobs to keep myself going from office work through to dishing up jacket spuds in Lego land, in a restaurant built to look like a castle! I remember looking around me at the miserable, servers around me who barely spoke a word, and it spurred me on even more to work with ambitious, creative types.

Eventually, I wrote the right letter, to the right person at the right time and got a job working at BBC Caversham as data controller, which was my first job with the Beeb. Later I worked at White City and Television centre as a team assistant in various departments. I got on well with my colleagues and had some great times whilst there.

Modelling was more of a hobby for me until 2005. As someone who had been bullied at school, modelling helped me to develop my self esteem and learn to accept my body. It did me a great deal of good (mostly, there were ups and downs) and I loved wearing different costumes, creating different looks and later this led to fetish work, where to a degree you need to incorporate acting, which is basically like play time! I get to be whoever I want to on the day, but with my regulars I am pretty much just myself. I tend to save my ‘characters’ for role plays.

3. How did your journey start in Femdom?

I was working on a babe channel called Sport back in 2007 and had a lot of viewers call into the show asking me to dominate them. Shortly afterwards the technology known as ‘justcamit’ came about and webcam became a thing! I began dominating slaves online, learning on the job, reading books about femdom, autobiographies, reading forums such as collar me and informed consent and practising on a boyfriend. Slaves kept asking me for real time sessions and eventually I decided to try it. My first ever slave had a really small willy and wanted me to laugh at him and belittle his penis. The first time I remember thinking, “I cant say that, it’s too mean.” I kept giggling and he really seemed to like that. Of course it didn’t take too long to develop my mean streak, but the giggle has stayed. I refuse to take anything in life too seriously. 13 years on, I can see how becoming a dominatrix has empowered me and I am even writing a book about my journey.

4. What was/is the attraction of Femdom for you?

It was just so different from anything else! I was fascinated by all the kinks, quirks and variations. To be an empowered woman in charge was appealing to me and I think along the way I found myself. I became who I was meant to become. A whole league away from the nerdy schoolgirl.

I love having a harem of slaves eager to please me, but I have even formed friendships with some of them. I have met some really kind, decent people.

People have asked me – “did you really need to go to university to become a domme?” No I didn’t, but I needed to go to become ‘me.’ Of course some of the areas I studied such as marketing, media and broadcast law have been invaluable to me in this job, and so was learning how to promote and reach a target audience. The paths we follow in life do not always become clear until later on, then you understand that there is an underlying synchronicity in everything you do and the choices you make. All paths ultimately lead ‘home.’

5. Do you have any specialities?

I would probably say strapon. I have had slaves say that they tried pegging previously to meeting me, but it had hurt. I gently ease first timers in, so that their first experience is enjoyable and not painful. I have been told by many that I am a Mistress of tease. Improv is probably one of my strengths too. Throughout my whole life I have learned to adapt when necessary. It’s a blueprint for survival, so this is second nature to me and so during a role play I employ method acting. One slave wanted me to play an extremely upset wife once who caught him cheating, so made him to take a punishment. I managed to well up a few tears whilst ranting at him, and he said he loved how real the role play was. It’s a form of escapism like any other. Whilst in any state of flow whether writing, reading or drawing for example, you aren’t worrying about the news, the weather or the pressures of life.

6. Where do you conduct your sessions?

I use a domestic setting in Berkshire 90% of the time. I have a drawer full of wonderful implements of terror and tantalising fun so I am well equipped. There is a dungeon 30 minutes drive from me called The Fetish Studio, which I use occasionally for filming days or group sessions.

7. I understand you were a writer for the Daily Sport too?

I was writing articles for the UK Glamour Awards at the time who were working with the Daily Sport. The Daily Sport needed more content and I agreed to write weekly articles for them. I wrote press releases, articles about events and I also ran a weekly column as an agony aunt. Readers wrote in to my column with all kinds of problems, from relationship or sexual issues, through to lifestyle problems, or questions like “is my kink normal?” I have always found that I am the sort of person that others seem to open up to, and ask for advice, even when I was a young age. My Mum has always said that I’m an ‘old soul.’

Over the years I have encountered so many problems myself, and I have gone away and read up on that subject and stored away the knowledge, so it was like a piece of life’s jigsaw puzzle fell into place. I did thorough research as well before answering every question and read topics from multiple sources to ensure I gave them a balanced viewpoint.

8. What would you say your greatest achievement is as a writer thus far?

I could say hitting one of the best selling lists on Amazon, but that doesn’t really mean much in today’s world. What has really touched me is when someone has read my work and told me how much they enjoyed it, or how my words moved them. I love the idea that I can connect with people through writing. Part of this is probably because books have been so precious to me in my lifetime and provided me with so much information and joy. For me, it’s a far greater achievement to have entertained someone or reached their heartstrings rather than to see stats on a page.

9. What do you consider the riskiest part of your job as a dominatrix?

Probably meeting a new client for the first time. Over the years I have developed an incredibly strong sense of intuition and can tell if something just feels ‘a bit off.’ If I have any doubts I don’t see them. Without showing all my Aces, I am also extremely well equipped if there was any kind of incident. I have strategised and thought out various ‘worst case scenario’ events and have contingency plans in place. I’m a chess player too so that’s always quite useful when dealing with difficult people. I’m not a big risk taker, so unless some gives me a very strong idea of who they are, what they are looking for and what their personality is like, they never get as far as a real time booking.

10. Has the Corona virus pandemic had any affect on your bookings or business?

Absolutely. Obviously ‘stay home,’ means the slaves should stay home. I have had many slaves requesting to see me, but it would be selfish of me to do so and risk the health of others. We just don’t really know the incubation time fully yet, so I have self isolated. I have switched to working online and have been working flat out to keep things as normal as possible and to try and make a living.

The cam site I use has been a lot quieter than I expected (I used to pop on and easily make £100 an hour before lock down) and some evenings it’s so over-saturated, that I appear at the bottom of the page and get far fewer people come in. It’s a very difficult time for those in the adult industries, but I am adapting to this situation and concentrating more of my efforts into my onlyfans and admire me pages as well as making custom clips, and offering video calls to my network of slaves. This has been a God send and I am blessed to have some very supportive slaves during this difficult time. I do not know what the future holds, but I will remain optimistic, keep smiling and just do the best I can. That’s all we can really do in life.

11. Are you taking any extra precautions in light of the corona virus?

Yes, I’m staying home and not seeing anyone. On the occasions I have had no choice but to go out and buy cat food or groceries, I take several pairs of black rubber gloves, which I change after every store I visit. I dispose of the gloves and pop them into a bin and apply hand sanitiser immediately. I also spray down my groceries with flash when I get home. I use rubber gloves when collecting my recycling bins and keep a good 10 feet from any other humans when out and about! The way to think of it is not just to worry that someone might infect you, but to image you have corona virus but have no symptoms. We must protect one another at this time, because this horrible affliction can be fatal.

12. Whats the best way for slaves to meet you?

At the moment – sign up to my onlyfans or admireme! You can find these at and From here we can organise sexting, video calls, chats, & custom videos and keep each others spirits up during lock down. A healthy dose of kink and fun does wonders for the soul.

Once the lock down restrictions have been lifted and it is safe to do so, I will be seeing my slaves again, and goodness me – I’ll be unleashing several months of pent up energy upon them! đŸ˜‰

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