Mistress Isadora

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Mistress Isadora of Philadelphia in the united states. She was real fun with a gorgeous cheeky smile that would bring a bit of sparkle to any room. I was greeted by a platinum blonde in a low cut black top which of course my eyes wondered towards a couple of times and quickly flicked back, hopefully not too obviously.

Mistress Isadora is an alluring of priestess of debauchery that has over a decade professional experience and a lifetime of breaking male egos as well as their balls. She’s a siren that lures men with her beauty and song into her world depraved desires and painful torment. As a Scorpio, eroticism is in her nature that will make you want to push your limits to satisfy her sadistic pleasure. You will be addicted to her laugher that followers each of your flinches and yelps. Mistress enjoys inflicting pain, not only physical but mental anguish, revelling in psychodrama. She delights in watching you quiver with anticipation of what is to come as she stalks you like prey. Whatever it is you will want to impress her by enduring never ending torment and humiliation to bring a smile to her face.

Mistress Isadora: Hello everyone. I am Mistress Isadora and I’m from the united states, located in Philadelphia. I’ve been a Domme for 12 years now. I really love my job and its kind of like a lifestyle at this point.

Sin: How did you get started in the scene?

Mistress Isadora: I guess in the early 2000s, I was a go-go dancer so I would get hired to do different things and fetish stuff around Philly. I was dancing at this club for a fashion party and there was many Dommes in attendance and I met someone that I liked and asked if she’d train me too. After my first session I was hooked. It was more like a side gig in the beginning but as I got more involved and learned more I become interested. Its definitely my lifestyle now.

Sin: Did you have a mentor, read books or go to seminars?

Mistress Isadora: Kind of all of that. I was trained with a few house Dommes around here and then went off on my own and I definitely read a tonne of books.

Sin: where do you hold your sessions?

Mistress Isadora: Well, Pre-covid I was renting a dungeon in Philly which unfortunately shut down because of the virus. So I’ve been on tour and would session at hotels. I have a tonne of gear; Bondage, Electro. All kinds of stuff. Whilst I’ve been doing this I’m saving up to open my own play space. I hope to open this in the beginning of spring when everything has settled down.

Sin: Have you got any favourite tools or implements?

Mistress Isadora: I like so many things. I always like a single tail. I really like you don’t even have to put much effort and it can really rip some flesh. So you can make artwork on a slaves back. I really enjoy to inflict pain.

You can find Mistress Isadora listed in the US Mistress directory and on her own website mistressisadora.net