Lady Elizabeth, Connecticut Dominatrix

Last week I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Lady Elizabeth, a dominatrix and educational lifestyle coach based in central Connecticut in the united states. She views domination as a fine art where subs are expected to fully commit themselves as well maintaining proper behaviour at all times.

Lady Elizabeth has a 800 square foot dungeon with an office for consultations and domestic scenes, as well as a full bathroom. The dungeon has a spanking bench, bondage horse, St Andrews cross, suspension points, a hitching post, spreader bars, medical table with stirrups, sleep sacks, CBT chair, electro-torture devices and implements galore to punish you in every conceivable way.

Applicants that wish to arrange a session are instructed to first contact Lady Elizabeth via her web site and if she feels you are worthy of her time then a follow up phone call will be arranged to ensure both parties have compatible wishes and desires. Its only after this process that a booking can be made which all seems very reasonable to me. Lady Elizabeth is an experienced elite Mistress that can make your perverted dreams (or nightmares) come true.

The interview began with the standard introduction and how Lady Elizabeth first began interested in the scene which started when she was 21 years old on spring break:

Lady Elizabeth: I am lady Elizabeth. I’m a lifestyle Professional Domme, located in currently Chilly Connecticut which is in the
northeast USA roughly two hours between Boston and New York. I also do relationship and intimacy coaching for people in the kink community and I’m bit of a kink educator as well.

Sin: How did you start in Femdom?

Lady Elizabeth: Somewhat accidentally, aside from being just a bossy alpha girl child that got into trouble for that a bit as a kid but I came to BDSM a bit accidentally and then to pro-domm-ing even more accidentally.

I discovered kink at a nightclub with some friends. We were in college and going to Atlanta for spring break and went to a goth nightclub to dance and listen to music. We wore a lot of black and fishnet. When we got there the music was fantastic and we have a fabulous time. They also had a stage and fetish performances going on all night and you know I grew up in a small town in south Carolina and had never seen anything like that, I was absolutely enraptured. Yeah. It was like you know giving a kid candy, I was fascinated and wanted to know what it was and how it worked.

I was bartending in my hometown and as fate would have it two weeks later, one night two regulars came in and one was leading the other on a leash. It was a week night and wasn’t crowded so people didn’t think to much of it. I said to myself I’ve got to talk to those guys, so I bought them a round of drinks and I told them about my experience. They went there all the time and knew all about it. So, they were the first ones that started to explain to me how it all worked. I was 21 at the time and it was the first time I learned to how to throw a whip.

I dabbled with kink in my personal life as a top for the next couple of years and then when I was in graduate school in Connecticut a few years later it become my lifestyle and I would play at community spaces and clubs. People kept asking me if I would like to be compensated for my time if I would train them. I was at first very casual and would ask them to bring a gift for my dungeon; something I can play with. I didn’t actually have a dungeon but I used a friends Art studio as a play space and it just snowballed from there.

The story continues to describe when she first threw a whip and early experiences of Femdom as well as turning professional. I really enjoy discovering such stories of fate and destiny where the stars seem to align and send you down the path of something that you are just meant to be and too make a real difference in the lives of others.

You can find Lady Elizabeth listed on the US Mistresses page in the directory.