Princessa Natasha Strange

Princessa Natasha Strange

This evening I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Princessa Natasha Strange based in Portland, Oregon in the united states for one of my evening chats.¬† She offers professional domination to sincere subs as well as BDSM coaching to all. Princessa Natasha also owns her own luxury play space and dungeon called ‘Sub Rosa’ in downtown Portland that is available for rent to others. With over 20 years experience, no matter what your interests may be, she has the knowledge and experience to deal with you.

Princessa Natasha: my name is princessa Natasha strange. Not princess. I have been a professional dominatrix since 1995. I am currently based in Portland, Oregon in the united states. I own a beautiful little boutique dungeon called ‘Subrosa’ which is also an educational space. Coaching and all kinds of content is created there; not so much lately thanks to Covid.

Sin: What what first got you started in BDSM?

Princessa Natasha: My kinky personality. I think I’ve always was that little girl that would kick the boys in the balls. It started out as I just wanted to be left alone to be left to my own nerdy devices and read my book but you know the nerdy ones are gonna get tormented by the boys and then I kicked them but of them decided it was fun. So that was grade school for me.

I’ve just always been creative, weird and kinky even before I knew the terms. I think even in 1995 when I had a friend in college suggested Fantasy Makers as I needed a job and I was like ‘you can get paid for this’ and I decided I was going to do this for the next year or two until I graduate from college and get a real job.

Sin: Is Fantasy Makers still going?

Princessa Natasha: It is still going. They recently turned it over to the girls that work there. That was about a year ago so I don’t know its current status. They’ve been there forever.

Its my birthday on 20th January and I’m hoping for no insurrections for my birthday.

Sin: Next Wednesday then?

Princessa Natasha: Thursday isn’t it. I don’t know. Its all a blurs day now isn’t it.

Sin: How did you start as a Professional Dominatrix?

Princessa Natasha: In 1995 when I started working with fantasy makers. I worked there for two years-ish as a professional switch which was a great experience for me because I learned so much. I learned about how things felt mentally and physically. I learned as I worked. No matter how bad a dom was when I played with them it was still a learning experience. I very much learned how to stand up for what I was interested in, the bodies anatomy and how thing worked as a switch.


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