An Interview with Ruby Enraylls

Ruby Enraylls with crop

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with my old friend Ruby Enraylls online about her journey into kink and professional domination. Like with many, the early influences began in the school yard with ball busting the boys, progressing on to practicing on subs as a young adult before eventually becoming a Professional Dominatrix. Ruby Enraylls has been in the Seattle BDSM/Femdom scene as a professional dominatrix for 10 year. She has spent that time polishing and refining her craft. She takes great pride in her presentation and work. As well as being a Mistress, Ruby has worked in the adult industry in a few different roles. Currently Ruby is based in Seattle in the united states where she normally conducts her sessions though due to Covid-19 Ruby is working on her clip stores and providing online sessions.

Ruby Enraylls: I’m Ruby Enraylls and I’m a dominatrix in the united states.

Sin: How long have you been a dominatrix?

Ruby Enraylls: I’ve been practicing for about 10 years and i have been in the lifestyle for a little bit longer than that. So probably officially since i was 18 and i messed around with stuff a little bit earlier than that. I described myself as in the lifestyle.

Sin: Were you the ball busting girl at school?

Ruby Enraylls: Yeah i also tied knots because i was a girl scout and there’s the whole game of letting me show you something fun
and teach you a new skill. I mean to tie you up!

Sin: Was that your first inklings that you were into an alternative lifestyle?

Ruby Enraylls: I had no idea it was anything alternative, it just seemed fun and it wasn’t anything like naughty to me. I didn’t realize until much later that it was anything naughty. I remember being in health class and them talking about masturbation being a thing but I never made the connection until much later.

Sin: So when was that?

Ruby Enraylls: Probably in high school.

Sin: Did you have a sub/domme relationship before that?

Ruby Enraylls: Absolutely i don’t know how people learn to practice things without practicing them. I had the benefit of being involved
in the kink community so i went to classes, events and found people who let me practice on them.

Sin: Did you have any sort of mentor? Something that taught you the business?

Ruby Enraylls: No one taught me the business. People taught me practical skills. I mean teachers in the local area but no one taught me how to be a dominatrix. I really figured everything out on my own for the most part. There were people in the community who were supportive like other pro-dommes. I would say a lot of the area here is pretty isolated so unless you knew someone like a friend of yours people tend to stay in their own little bubbles. It was kind of an interesting way to come into it because its not what I hear from area’s like New York or California but there’s also the reputation for this area having the Seattle freeze.

Sin: I gather other domes are not always so supportive?

Ruby Enraylls: I didn’t necessarily have that impression or that experience so much but I have definitely heard that. I felt pretty supported by everyone that I came into contact with.

Sin: How and when did you make that transition to being a pro-domme?

Ruby Enraylls: I started off the very beginning of my like working career in the adult industry as it were. I tried to be a stripper for one night only. It wasn’t good. I saw Natalie Portman and the movie Closer. Have you seen it?

Sin: Yes.

Ruby Enraylls: Interesting, she’s like powerful and in control, throwing herself to the wind. You can feel her energy. I like that. I had the experience of being in a strip club but it wasn’t what I thought it would be like. I realised I didn’t want to do that. So I did something else. It just didn’t live up to the fantasy I had in my eyes. I felt really out of my element. Then I tried being a cam girl and very quickly got bored of that. The whole time I had in my mind that I wanted to be a dominatrix but I didn’t feel ready. I then did a whole bunch of new modelling gigs and dabbled in porn. I didn’t have a lot of fun doing that to be completely honest. Again that was expectation versus reality. Traditional porn was just not for me. However, doing really ridiculous shoots in my early 20s and fetish porn is more my thing.

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