Miss Xi, Vancouver and Toronto

Miss Xi

This evening evening I had a quick interview with Miss Xi of Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. Our chat lasted just under an hour which was edited down to 30 minutes. Miss Xi looked stunning in a Latex dress and rather distracting black patent thigh high boots. I don’t mind admitting my eyes rather wandered to many times to those but I tried to remain professional, well as much as having horns allows any way. I had seen a lot of Miss Xi’s films of her ball busting over some time as its a bit of my current fascinations amongst other things. During the pandemic Miss Xi used a studio space for her films and photos. We talked about ball kicking, foot fetish as well as humiliation.

Miss Xi seductively draped herself over her medical bench as the examination began..

Miss Xi: Hello I am Miss XI. I am from Canada and I travel between the west coast, Ontario and Toronto. I started in lifestyle and I found out about the whole world when I was rather young exploring the internet. I thought ‘that’s cool’ and then I moved to the city. In Toronto I started going to fetish events; some smaller and bigger ones as well as dance parties like subspace.

I was at this event, it was near the end and I was wearing those six and half inch high heels as I was walking out somebody was admiring my shoes and asked If he could give me a foot rub and of course I said yes. I was wonderful. I have cute feet because they are only a size four; very tiny. I was then invited to a foot fetish event where I could also make some money. People come to see foot girls; run their feet and worship them. Before that I was doing modelling, mainly alternative modelling I went to make-up, special effects school and I used to work at a talent agency. I did design and some websites (self taught).

I started in lifestyle before that, picking up tips there and my best friend who is lifestyle as well. She really helped introduce a lot of things to me. When I went pro I started very light just with doing feet and then gradually moved into other things. I did some private workshops here and there as well around my city.

My specialities revolve around foot fetishes, most of my sessions will end with a foot rub as a result. Another favourite of mine is ball busting. I don’t make everybody do it but if there’s someone that really likes it then I couldn’t be happier to kick their balls. I like doing scissor holds and one sided fantasy wrestling which can be fun.

Sin: What is the attraction of ball busting?

Miss Xi: That’s a good question. Its one of those things when I’m having a bad day that makes me smile when I bust balls. It makes me
happy. I like putting into a state of helplessness that can include a little bondage though mostly not as I want to see how long they can stand there before dropping to the floor. My favourite is doing fake kicks where the slave flinch with fear. Imagine yourself standing there, counting down then I kick and say ‘just kidding’ before drawing back.

Sin: What’s the safest way to kick balls?

Miss Xi: You want to try to kick with the top portion of the boot or shoe where its nice and flat. Avoid footwear with buckles or anything that can puncture the balls. You don’t want to pop your balls. A lot of people like to talk about that in their fantasies; ‘I’m going to pop, squish your balls and destroy them’ but one one wants to send anyone to hospital in reality. That’s a no no.

Sin: What’s your favourite way to kick?

Miss Xi: My favourite way to kick balls is a straight upright firm kick though knees can be good too.

Sin: What’s your favourite scene?

Miss Xi: Oh man, I’ve done so many scenes. Its too hard to name just one. Another kind of domination that I really like is humiliation scenes where that really allows creativity to play around.

Website: Miss Xi – https://www.missxi.ca