Ms Elena De Luca and Ms Maya Midnight

Ms Elena De Luca and Ms Maya Midnight

It was a Saturday evening and I had arranged to meet Ms Elena De Luca an hour later that I initially planned since I forgot that the clocks went forward the previous Sunday to mark the beginning of British summer time. However, I wasn’t about to change this as it was my fault and also it gave me an excuse to extend my cocktail drinking time. At the allotted time I set down my oversized cocktail on my desk and logged on to await Ms Elena De Luca’s arrive on my screen. To my surprise I was greeted by two Dominatrices; Ms Elena De Luca and Ms Maya Midnight, who I didn’t initially recognise but I soon recalled I had seen some of her harder ball busting clips and I sub consciously crossed my legs in response and I was informed by Ms Elena that wouldn’t save me.

Ms Elena De Luca is a Professional Dominatrix living in New York City. She’s also a producer, fetish film star and kink educator. During the pandemic and lock down she has ran various online courses to help other dominatrices to move their business online which was a really nice thing to do in these shockingly difficult times. Ms Elena particularly enjoys Degradation, Foot Domination, Discipline, CBT as well as Tease and Denial. Ms Maya Midnight is an independent lifestyle Mistress based in NYC who is primarily a real time dominatrix though she also like to use ‘Niteflirt’ as well and has shot films for other web sites. Ms Maya enjoys ball busting, verbal humiliation and consensually pushing limits. (gulps)

Our online meeting was a really fun, lively conversation and I found them both really approachable and friendly. I enjoyed the chemistry between the three of us as conversation flowed though there was more than a couple of moments where I blushed internally as the conversation adventured into more of naughtier subjects. Luckily, since I’m red all over its very hard to tell when I’m blushing.

Ms Elena De Luca began the interview with a glass of something in hand..

Ms Elena: Hi, I’m Elena De Luca. I’m a new York city-based dominatrix and I specialise in discipline, humiliation and foot domination. This is my friend Maya.

Ms Maya: Hi, I’m Maya Midnight and I am a New York city dominatrix. I specialise in heavy verbal and ball busting.

Sin: Oh right, I’ll just crossed my legs.

Ms Elena: Like that’ll save you!

Sin: I’ve seen your videos!

Ms Maya: Everyone who’s seen those video is terrified of me. I’m a nice person who will do terrible things

Sin: Do you two do videos together?

Ms Elena: We’ve shot with some of the same people but I don’t think we’ve ever actually done a video together.

Ms Maya: We’ve session-ed together but never done a video together. Its been a while since we have session-ed together.

Sin: Where did your interest for Femdom come from?

Ms Elena: Its hard to say where it came from. I feel like there’s just always some things that I gravitated to. You know busting someone balls or humiliating thing that I did. Growing up I had an older brothers and I was the only girl in the house. My mom always said ‘If something broken or someone was crying, I knew exactly who did it’.

Ms Maya: I started as a pro-domme when I was 19 so before I had a chance to fully explore a lot of stuff on my own. I do remember
ball busting was one of those thing I instantly loved. I loved it so much.

Sin: What was it you liked so much about it?

Ms Maya: I like that its very delicate and vulnerable as well as engendered. Its like the way I do Femdom work. I like how easy it is. I could cause so much pain with a bit of a squeeze and If I wanted to go really hard then I could cause massive amounts of pain. I remember my first ball busting session. It was new and I remember thinking I’ve never gotten a chance to anything like that before. I felt so powerful.

Sin: Do you like it when they fall over?

Ms Maya: Oh yeah i love that – How different people react to pain. You got people that just fall over, those that scream, grunters and laughers. I love a laugher but I’ll punish them for laughing though I enjoy them. I got into heavy verbal a few years later when I shot for a bratty humiliation website; humiliation POV. It was pretty early on and I was still very new to Femdom and the site owner gave me a login so I could see what it was all about. I immediately liked it and thought it was great because even though I wasn’t into super global humiliation, I liked the way they were doing it; really bratty style and so much meaner than how I usually saw humiliation done. I just had to go to shoot a bunch of clips like that as if it was a boot camp…

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