Miss Mae Ling

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Miss Mae Ling on Zoom for one of my periodic little chats with a Dominatrix. Miss Ling is a lifestyle professional Dominatrix based in Las Vegas in the United States of America. I met her online, on one evening for an engaging conversation covering a multitude of topics including the role of AMSR in domination/Fetish play which is a new one for me. The interview began with a little introduction from Miss Mae Ling:

Hello I am miss me Ling, a professional dominatrix. I’ve been doing it lifestyle for about seven years and then professionally for the last two years.

Sin: What did you do before coming a Dominatrix?

My background before this; I used to work for the government. With my government work I was managing and telling people what to do. A group of 100 people were beneath me and which involved organizing, logistics and all that stuff which was fun but also a lot of work. I got burnt out from that and I just wanted to focus on something that wasn’t at such on a large scale and narrow it down to a little bit smaller. I was burnt out because we were working 80 plus hours a week um every week and we only had like one week off and it was just the nature of the work.

Sin: Were you kinky at that time?

I was so vanilla during that time it wasn’t until afterwards um that I stopped working and I went to burning man okay I am just a huge life-changing event of mine and at that point I realized wow I want to live like this forever. I quit my job right after my first burn and travelled the world for four years. When I was traveling the world I was meeting a bunch of different people learning from different dommes um and trying out new things along my ways.

Sin: Was there any particular person that inspired you on your journey?

I started out doing rope work which I am very far from right now. I was um in japan, I met Nanashi (means no name) who was a teacher of mine. The Japanese have this sheer level of commitment and precision in which they hold themselves up to. I wanted to learn. He was like great, you can learn how to tie this square knot perfectly. I did it and he said great and now continue to do it. I did it for seven straight hours. Food was brought in and I just stayed there and tied it for seven hours.

Sin: What happened at burning man that inspired you to become a dominatrix?

It wasn’t one thing, it’s accumulation of a lot of things and specifically watching people pour so much work energy into creating something to share with others and then to watch it be taken away; burned down or removed after a week. Nothing lasts forever so creating this event to make you realize really be present with your life; where you’re at, who you’re speaking with and whatever you’re doing at that moment. I want to have more experiences where I feel like you know time is still and you’re just so lost within each other because you’re just having so much fun. It’s like a really intense connection.

Sin: Do you find these connections in your work?

Yes, definitely you just have so much fun and you forget what time it is or where you even. It gives you this natural high. I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink alcohol but this definitely makes me feel that power high.

Sin: Have you experienced Domme drop before?

I had an amazing session yesterday, this his morning I woke up and I almost cried. U was like you cannot cry you’re gonna go on camera, you can’t have puffy eyes. Its just the flow of life, you’re gonna be super happy and you have to realize you are going to pay the price later. It makes you appreciate that moment even more.

Sin: How did you develop your skills?

Along my travels there were a lot of guinea pigs. I did this as a lifestyle for seven years and so I didn’t realize that you could make money off of it. Seriously I just did this because I wanted to and I just wanted to play with everybody and just have fun. I would meet people along the way who would share of their knowledge and talk me through it or like be there right next to me and double domination as well. Last year I learned a lot from online. Everybody’s just sharing so much knowledge out there and then I took a few classes in person as well but I definitely appreciate all the guinea pigs that I’ve had. They had a blast too.

Sin: Were you about of the munch community?

That’s actually how I’ve travelled. I quit my job right and I wanted to see the world on a finite budget. In order to increase the length of time i was just like going to meet cool people who would want to host me. You go to a few munches and people are like you’re amazing of course you can stay at my place and so there goes your hotel and then next thing you know you have a chauffeur and a slave and a a chef. It’s great.

Sin: How would you describe your style of domination?

I am secretly sensual but just enough to get you in and then I like just beat the shit out of you.

I’m not like super overly sexy I’m just like the girl next door, overly sweet and adorable like ‘oh don’t you want to play with me?’ and then that’s like it’s like the white van that says free candy on the side!

Sin: Are you currently open for sessions?

I’m open again and am fully vaccinated. I am seeing people who are fully vaccinated and those who are not. if you’re not then mask on and with a negative Covid test. I mainly prefer my sessions in Vegas to be out call at a hotel and then when I travel I like to use a dungeon.

You can find Miss Mae Ling listed in the US Mistress Directory and on her website; missmaeling.com