Princess Aurora, Manchester Mistress

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Princess Aurora who is a professional dominatrix based in Manchester, UK. She is a Mistress, Humiliatrix and mean girl. She has an especially enjoys humiliating, degradation and embarrassing men. On the outside she appears as a perfect innocent Princess but looks can be deceiving. Princess Aurora has a lively imagination with a bratty mean streak and she takes a lot of pleasure from cutting down men reducing them to nothing. She offers sessions from the Fetish Emporium in Manchester. Booking information is available on her website.

You can listen to the full interview below though here’s a sample transcription below:

Sin: Please Introduce yourself

“Hello I’m Princess Aurora dominatrix from Manchester.”

Sin: How did you get interested in BDSM?

“I first got interested in the fashion when I was younger and then when I was 16 I started to get interested in the activities related to BDSM and after that I graduated to becoming a pro-domme.”

Sin: How did you get started as a Domme?

“Its started from going to fetish clubs but I always felt I had the capability to do it professionally. I thought because of the way I looked that being a professional dominatrix wouldn’t be open to me, however I was wrong. I began to explore the real time scene at the ‘Fetish Emporium in Manchester‘ after doing about of a year of online domination and webcam. I learned various skills with the help of Mistress Sheba, Mistress Sapphire and Mistress Buffy Brown who were the main ladies that trained me. I spent a long time hanging around the dungeon waiting for opportunities to hop into sessions to assist other Mistresses. I was very lucky that all the ladies at the emporium were very happy to help me and always had an open door policy. There was no skills that were off limit to me and I gained a very thorough education as a result.”

Sin: Can you remember your first ever session?

“My very first training day was with mistress sapphire. We had four guys, all the different rooms and I would go into each room with Mistress sapphire where she what tools I might need in that room and then would leave me to it. I just went between these room doing different activities such as sissy stuff, CBT as well as corporal punishment. I remember it was quite an hectic day and I was running around a lot.”

Sin: What is your kink interests?

“I specialise in verbal humiliation, sissy, strap-on, inserting large items and fisting. My absolute favourite is verbal humiliation. A client that enjoys humiliation is my type of person because I know they don’t take themselves too seriously and after fetish is all about having fun. BDSM is about relaxing, letting go and I think verbal humiliation really taps into that.”

Sin: What is your style of play?

“I would describe my style less severe and humiliation is a big part of what I do. For someone that isn’t into humiliation I like to to do sensual play mixed with pain. Therese are those that into extreme pain and I really like to mix that with a nicer playful girlfriend type of role. I also do a lot of school girl role play which is something I enjoy to do and it also fits my personality. I like to be the girl next door, that bitch who rejected you and rubs you nose in it.”

Sin: What is your favourite implement?

“I really enjoy corporal punishment but unfortunately the way I market myself online I don’t get as many CP sessions as I would like. I love corporal punishment and would like to integrate it more into my future work. I was trained by some of the very best and I feel its a shame to neglect those skills.”

Sin: What turns you on as a Domme?

“Someone who turns up on time who is respectful, washed, clean shaven who doesn’t try to barter with me. I like my subs to totally surrender themselves to me and not to make my life any more difficult than it needs to be.”

Sin: What do you look for in a potential client?

“I like subs that don’t waffle on as waffling only shows they value their time more than mine. They should have read my all my rules and done their own research of what activities I offer; and not asking for something I don’t do. I look for someone that respects me, the industry I work in and is ready to leave all their shit at the door before starting a session.”

Princess Aurora is listed in the UK Mistress Directory and on her own website