The Hunteress Interview

Hunteress sitting flexing a cane

Hello, I am The Hunteress formerly known as Cassie Canes.

How did you get into Femdom?

I first started working for Full force Productions in around 2004 (who produced the website Cassie Canes) and learned the art of corporal punishment through on the job experience with them (Katie Strictland first showed me how to use a cane) but it really isn’t all that difficult (at least not to me anyway) and also my own education through books and the internet.

How and where did you learn to become a dominatrix?

In 2008 I parted company with Full force and decided to develop my own website, and that’s when I rebranded myself as The Hunteress. This felt like a natural progression to me as I was already beginning to explore more aspects of BDSM play, and my old moniker became out of date.

Where do you conduct your sessions?

Pre-pandemic I used to travel a lot so I would often use other professional and private play-spaces in various cities.

What is your favourite tools or implements?

Canes, and whips, I just love the sound they make.

Do you have a favourite role and outfit?

Military and Latex!

Current Kink Likes and dislikes?

Corporal Punishment, Ball busting, Whipping, Intoxication.

Ball Kicking (mild to severe), Bastinado, Bondage, CBT, CFNM, Chastity, Corner Time, Corporal Punishment (mild to severe), Distance training/worship, Degradation, Dog training, Electrics, Eye Contact & Speech restrictions, Face slapping, Face sitting, Fantasy Roleplay, Financial Domination, Foot worship, Glove worship, Hair pulling / cutting, Humiliation, Interrogation, Judicial Punishments, Kidnap, Leather worship, Latex, Mind-fucking, Mummification, Nipple play, Needles, Obedience training, Objectification, Orgasm denial/control/ruination – at my discretion, Pantyhose/Nylon Fetish, Physical beatdowns, Pony play, Psychodrama, Rubber, Sensory deprivation, Shoe / Heel / Boot worship, Sitting/Squashing, Sounds, Spitting, Strap on, Trampling, Uniforms, Water sports, Weight-loss motivation, Wax, Whipping, Wrestling.

Adult Baby/Mommy scenarios, Rudeness, Unhygienic people, Vomit, Traditional Sex or Sex Acts.

Hunteress with a single tail whip

Describe your play style

Sweetly Sadistic.

Why do you think men are so attracted to BDSM and being dominated?

A lot of men are Dominant in their everyday lives, and so it’s nice to come to a Woman and be dominated, they find it very relaxing to give up control and be told what to do for an hour or more. Feelings of catharsis and euphoria are not uncommon so it’s quite easy to see why they enjoy it.

Do you use a safe-word dynamic or do you prefer to work without?

I prefer to work without them, but I explain why to those who like to use them, and usually we can come to a mutual agreement. Safe-words put the control in the hands of the submissive, which negates the reason why they came to you in the first place. However, some people have anxiety related disorders, which will become apparent if you have done the correct due diligence. These cases require handling in a slightly different way.

What are the misconceptions about your work?

That it is easy money, that it is not actually work.

What do you look for most in a client?

Honesty, Communication and Dedication.

What has been your most memorable scene?

There’s really been quite a few – too many to mention here so I will pick one. Performing a run-up caning on Mistress Andi Switch. She’s the only woman I have met who can take a caning like a man. I feel very fortunate to be able to have done that, a moment in history and time I will never forget. (and yes there is a video).


What sort of films do you like to make for your LF store?

Caning, Whipping, Ball busting, Femdom

Over the past year how as Covid influenced and changed you?

Travel restrictions have been the biggest impact. I have missed my regular trip to the UK, this will be the second year now. I’m waiting until I am double vaccinated and then review the situation as it unfolds. That said, I see a huge shift to online working now more than ever. In fact I am more busy with my alter ego – Goddess Candika, these days.

Green screen filming is something that I’m really enjoying at the moment. I’m also working on a project that is next level in online entertainment for adults. You can check it out here at I expect my subs to be buying NFTs, since the ones with my face on are more likely to grant you access to things that nobody else gets. For example a very personal intimate interview has been recorded for Cyberpong, and it won’t be seen anywhere else. Later on I also plan to publish a book within the Metaverse. Exciting stuff, and lots to keep me busy in the absence of physical sessions. I can’t see me returning to the UK until later next year (2022) at the very earliest.

How do potential subs contact you?

For people wishing to make an in person appointment I would encourage you to fill out the compatibility application on my website (, and you will be put onto the Waitlist for when I return to physical sessions.

Subs can also join my Loyal Fans page and DM me freely there. It is also possible to voice and video call me using this platform. And you can also subscribe to my Goddess Candika AVN profile here