Referrals from Listees

This page shows the total number of visitors each site listed in the directory sent to between 2018 to 2019. The data was independently collated by Google Analytics for each site in our directory and applied to our database. Sites are ordered by those who sent the most visitors and name. So, where a group a group of sites have sent the same number of visitors then these are displayed in alphabetical order. Note. Referral traffic, as in visitors generated from link exchanges only accounts for 6% of the Sinsearch Mistress Directory total traffic.

The reason we do these analysis as it suggests how well each site listed is doing. If x website sends us 100 visitors for a year then we can make certain assumptions how busy a website is and whether its being promoted effectively. If a site sends no visitors at all in 12 months then it can be assumed it has a lower overall foot fall and its obviously isn’t being promoted so well… How did your site do last year?