Tumblr Bans Adult Content

December 4, 2018 Sin 0

Yesterday tumblr announced that its had enough of the pornographers on its platform and from the 17th December 2018. So had I said on Sunday changes are ahead on social media

Whats New

New Prices

December 3, 2018 Sin 0

As of the 1st December I have made some changes to the pricing structure for that pay for advertise on the site. We have introduced a new 6 month option for £50 and increased the annual option by £5 to 80 UK pounds

What the fuck

Stealth Unlinkers

December 3, 2018 Sin 0

No one likes cheats. ‘Stealth Unlinkers’ are one of the worst kind of cheats for directory owners. They are characterised as people that seemingly put up a links page in good faith in order to gain incoming links and then later remove them


First Impressions

November 27, 2018 Sin 0

I’ve been doing some online marketing for clients and been increasingly coming across seemingly abandoned web sites. I’ve come up with a list of pointers to look out for

Rough road again

Mistress Directory Genocide

November 12, 2018 Sin 0

I heard some concerns from Mistresses that Mistress directories are shutting down all over the place and from my research this week that seems to be true.

Privacy is important

August 31, 2018 Sin 0

We made a major change to the site this week and installed our own SSL certificate in light of policy changes by governments to th adult industry

Ms Elena De Luca

Ms. Elena De Luca, Grand Tour

August 27, 2018 Sin 0

Ms. Elena De Luca from New York, USA is going on tour covering multiple cities at stunning dungeon locations for solo and double sessions.

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