Camming on a Mac

April 15, 2019 Sin 0

I had a interesting problem to solve for a friend of mine recently that wanted Cam for Adult work using a Mac book Pro – Web interface, Parallels and Boot Camp

Magnify glass

Best Referral Traffic for 2018

April 14, 2019 Sin 0

April represents the end of the business year for me and as such I always do an internal traffic analysis. This year however I decided to do something a little different by utilizing data that has already been collated by the Google Analytics


Tumblr Bans Adult Content

December 4, 2018 Sin 0

Yesterday tumblr announced that its had enough of the pornographers on its platform and from the 17th December 2018. So had I said on Sunday changes are ahead on social media

Whats New

New Prices

December 3, 2018 Sin 0

As of the 1st December I have made some changes to the pricing structure for that pay for advertise on the site. We have introduced a new 6 month option for £50 and increased the annual option by £5 to 80 UK pounds

What the fuck

Stealth Unlinkers

December 3, 2018 Sin 0

No one likes cheats. ‘Stealth Unlinkers’ are one of the worst kind of cheats for directory owners. They are characterised as people that seemingly put up a links page in good faith in order to gain incoming links and then later remove them


First Impressions

November 27, 2018 Sin 0

I’ve been doing some online marketing for clients and been increasingly coming across seemingly abandoned web sites. I’ve come up with a list of pointers to look out for

Rough road again

Mistress Directory Genocide

November 12, 2018 Sin 0

I heard some concerns from Mistresses that Mistress directories are shutting down all over the place and from my research this week that seems to be true.

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