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As a professional Dominatrix you can get a free listing. Simply: Add our banner/link to your website: Link to Then email us at [email protected] your:

  • Site Name
  • Site URL
  • City, Country
  • Short description (1 line)
  • Return link URL (where our banner is located)

All text must be in English.

What banner can I use?

Right click on one of the banners below to save to your desktop and then upload it to your website and then link it to

Sin Search Banner 1

Red Shoe

Sin Search Banner 5

Sin Search Banner 3


Are there any minimum requirements for a free listing?

  • You must have your own domain or sub domain name.
  • You or your site must not offer escort related activities or be hosted on a site that does.
  • Your return link should be put in a place it will be seen, be on the same domain name and not appear on an orphaned page.
  • Your website must be active (sends more than 1 visitor per month back to
  • The listing text must be in English.
  • Your site must not contain any pop-out/up advertisements of any kind.
  • All content used on your site must belong to you.

Can I add my site without linking back to

By using a Picture box. Picture Boxes appear in the top portion of directory pages in a row and columns format before the free listings on a given directory page. The actual images are just JPG pictures in portrait orientation that measure 150px wide by 225px high and can be linked to your website or clip store. The images rotate once a day in a random order. Email for more details.