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Featured Mistress – Picture Box Ads

You can advertise a Picture Box paid advertising on the featured mistress page on for £55/$72 for 6 months or £85/$110 per year. A Picture Box Ad is a JPG picture that measures 150(W) x 225(H) pixels that is shown on the Featured Mistresses page and a link is randomly shown in the right hand column of directory pages. These ads can be used to promote a website, clips store or cam profile. To become a paid advertiser, email [email protected]


  • Listed on the Featured Mistress Page.
  • Randomly shown in the right hand column of directory pages.
  • Complimentary Featured Mistress Tweet (not a RT service)
  • Multiple payment options (region dependent)

Free Listing

As a professional Dominatrix you can get a free listing. Simply: Add our banner/link to your website: Link to Then email me at [email protected] your:

  • Mistress/Site Name
  • Site URL
  • City, Country
  • Short Description (1 line)
  • Return link URL
  • Twitter @ (optional)

All text must be in English.

What banner can I use?

Right click on one of the banners below to save to your desktop and then upload it to your website and then link it to

Sin Search Banner 1

Sin Search Banner 4

Sin Search Banner 5

Sin Search Banner 3

Do you have banner code I can just copy and paste in?

No. You need to upload the banner to your website and then link it to before sending us your site details for your listing.

Can I not just load the banner from your server?

No. This a form of theft sometimes referred to as “hot-linking” and is regarded as an incredibly disrespectful. If I catch you doing it we will not be friends anymore!

I want to add my site but cannot find my country/state listed

If your country/state is not currently listed on the appropriate page then it will be automatically added when your listing is created. The reason it does not exist at the moment is simply because there are no listings for it yet. Add yours!

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